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Nomad Capitalism: The Future of Work

Nomad capitalism, also known as freelancer capitalism, is the future of work. It's the ability to work and conduct business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

Benefits of Nomad Capitalism

At Nordic Staffing Ltd, we have been observing the trend of remote work and digital freelancing for some time now and we can attest to the many benefits it offers. Increased flexibility and autonomy, the ability to live and work in different parts of the world, and the opportunity to create a work-life balance that suits individual needs.

Challenges of Nomad Capitalism

It's important to note that there are challenges, such as isolation and the need for self-discipline and motivation. However, we believe that the benefits outweigh the challenges.

The Future of Work

As technology and communication continue to improve, we believe that the number of digital freelancers will continue to grow, and it will become increasingly common for people to work remotely and conduct business from anywhere in the world.

Our Perspective

In conclusion, at Nordic Staffing Ltd, we see the future of work as being remote, flexible, and borderless. We believe that nomad capitalism, also known as freelancer capitalism, is the way forward and we are excited to be a part of this movement.


We also own Innosolutions OY, started in Finland in 2012,
for those who prefer to work through a company within the EU.
Go to Innosolutions OY

Alternatively, INVOICR Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Our Fees

⇒ Our fees are 10% plus 50 USD on the invoiced gross amount.
Example: Invoiced amount 5.000 USD = Paid salary 4.450 USD when invoicing through Nordic Staffing Ltd.

⇒ As a freelances employed by us and living in, for example, Thailand you are exempt from taxes in most EU countries. (Applies to not physically working in the specific country or stay a maximum of 183 days per year in for example Sweden and that you are not a tax resident.)

The only thing you need to do after you have started working is to fill in your time reports and send them to us electronically. We send invoices according to your wishes and on the same day as we receive payment from the customer, your salary is sent out.

To avoid fraudulent behavior, all incoming and outgoing invoices must be to or from or

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For Freelancers

We are a self-employment company specializing in people who live abroad and want to work shorter periods within the EU, but you can also work through us if you are a resident of Sweden with unlimited tax liability.

As an employee with us, you will receive: We will hire you and you can focus on your jobs and we will take care of the paperwork. If you need ID06 (difficult today), SSG course or similar certificate, it is possible to apply through us.

Become self-employed. First and foremost for those of you who live abroad. But also for those of you who live in Sweden.

⇒ Our fee for our freelancers is 10% plus USD 50 per invoice/salary payment.

⇒ Our fee for residents of Sweden is also 10% per invoice. Note that as employees with us, you will pay significantly lower employer fees; 20.7% with us, compared to 31.42% with Swedish companies.

Everything is handled manually by competent staff. Avoid all paperwork that comes with having your own company and expenses for accounting, etc.

For Employers

Nordic Staffing is an employer company, which means that you can hire competent workers through us without having to hire them. We neither staff nor recruit, we are an administrative service company where self-employed individuals rent out their services and expertise without their own company.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what personnel resources are needed for a job. The solution is to hire expertise that is self-employed with us. As a company, you become flexible and choose completely on your own who and how many you want to hire. You do not bind yourself to any long employment contracts.

Since Nordic Staffing is an employer company, personnel administration ends up with us instead of you. We ensure that our employees have insurance and pay their salaries. You free up time by letting us take care of administration and salary payments, the only thing you need to do is pay the invoices.

For locally employed within Sweden who are unlimited liable for taxes we pay all social security contributions and the employee pays their own taxes. All according to the tax agency's rules and regulations. We are of course registered as an employer and have F-tax.

Making money

You can either work physically in a country with any area you are qualified for and have customers or you can do digital work from abroad. The choice is yours.

How much are our fees? As a non tax resident in the country you are working from, our fee is 10% plus USD 50 per invoice.

What about referrals?

When you refer freelancers/employees to us you get a percentage of the invoiced amount of 1-3% (depending on the size of the invoice) when invoice is fully paid and cleared.

What happens if an invoice needs to be credited to customer?
If an invoice clears, there are no credits made. As the payment is an acceptance of its validity.