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Invoice without company
Note that we have now partnered with Invoicr Ltd in the UK. All invoices will go through them.

Do you have a startup idea?

Use our service to test your ideas on your customers without having the initial issue of opening your own company. With us you can just focus on your idea, get it up and running and invoice your customer with ease, we make sure you get an easy testrun for your ideas.
The easiest way to see if your idea works. Our fees for are 5-10%.


Freelancers and Nomad capitalists, is the future of work. Here you can invoice without a company. It's the ability to work and conduct business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access.

Work locally

It's important to note that there are challenges, when working locally. Normally you are only allowed to work in a specific country for a set period, before you are considered a tax resident. We help you with this.

Tax Advice

We offer our users free tax advice for all possible scenarios. With us you can be sure that you only pay taxes when required and only the least amount of taxes, wherever you choose to live and work from.

Our system

Our custom built invoicing system will help you get all the way, with your freelancing future. The system is built to be easy to use, even for people who don't use computer that much, it's secure and fast.

Our Perspective

Freedom, independence and detachment from governments. We see the future of work as being remote, flexible, and borderless. Nomad capitalism gives people the freedom, independence and wealth to pursue their own lifestyles, and we are here to support you. Follow your dreams.

What We Do

We support you in becoming a freelancer by acting as an umbrella organisation, invoicing for you from a country of your choice. You can work from and bill from anywhere in the world. No red tape. No paperwork headaches. No wasted time. Invoice without a company, simply put.


We also run an affiliate program which enables you to earn a passive income with a minimal time investment, helping you reach your financial goal.
1-3% of referred users invoicing amounts are yours for all future invoicing.
No time limit. Basically you get paid for as long as your referral keeps sending invoices with us.

Our Fees

When we process your invoices, we take 5-10% (depending on your situation) of the gross invoice value.
When payment to you is made, you pay your own banking fees (Normally USD 10).

As a freelancer employed by us and living in, for example, Thailand you are exempt from taxes (we will help you with this) in most EU countries. Applies to not physically working in the specific country or stay a maximum of 183 days per year in for example Sweden, such that you are not a tax resident.

All you need to do is fill in your invoice with the hours worked or product/service provided, and we take care of the rest. As soon as your customer pays your invoice you will be sent your salary the same day.

Simply put, we give you our secret tax support sauce, for the exchange of 5-10% of your invoices.

For Freelancers

We are a self-employment company specializing in people who live abroad and want to work shorter periods within the EU, but you can also work through us for example if you are a resident of Sweden with unlimited tax liability.

We will hire you, you can focus on your job and we will take care of the paperwork. If you need ID06 (difficult today), SSG course or similar certificate, it is possible to apply through us.

Become self-employed. Live and work wherever you choose.

  • Our fee for our freelancers is 10% plus a small bank transfer fee for each invoice/salary payment. This means in terms of employment, you are more self-employed, since we don’t pay you a “salary” as such, but you receive the full amount of your own invoices from your own clients, after our fees of course.

  • Our fee for residents of Sweden is also 10% per invoice. Note that as our employee you will pay significantly lower employer fees/taxes; 20.7% with us, compared to 31.42% with Swedish companies. Or as a small business owner in Sweden it’s 28,97%.

Our team of competent staff take care of all the administrative work for you. Avoid all paperwork that normally comes from having your own company. Have the same freedom, but without the administration part of a company.

For Employers

Nordic Staffing is a self-employment company or umbrella company, which means that you can hire competent workers through us without having to hire them. We neither staff nor recruit, we are an administrative service company where self-employed individuals rent out their services and expertise without their own company.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what personnel resources are needed for a job. The solution is to hire expertise that is self-employed with us. As a company, you become flexible and choose completely on your own who and how many you want to hire. You do not bind yourself to any long employment contracts.

Nordic Staffing provides a unique solution for businesses looking to acquire specialized administrative support without the commitment of full-time employees. Our platform connects businesses with highly skilled and self-employed individuals who offer their services on a project-basis. This way, companies can have access to the expertise they need without having to hire full-time staff.

For locally employed within Sweden who are liable for taxes we pay all social security contributions and the employee pays their own taxes. All according to the tax agency's rules and regulations. We are of course registered as an employer and have F-tax.